Message: My Wife

My wife of 6 years has never been into anal, meaning not wanting to have her anus touched or penetrated. She says it kind of tickles but then always moves away. She is happy to caress my asshole and fuck me with her fingers and sometimes to rim me. But one night recently we came home after a few drinks and she ripped my clothes off and started sucking me and I wanted what I’d never really done with her, to lick her asshole. Eventually I turned her over and spread her cute little cheeks and rimmed her for what seemed like a long time. She never hesitated or pulled away or anything. Later I gently inserted my finger in her bottom too and gently finger fucked her, again no protest from her at all. We both came so hard that night. A couple weeks later I tongued her anus again, god it was wonderful, so soft and smooth, and she laid there relaxed enjoying it. No idea if we’ll have anal sex but maybe it just takes time. She doesn’t want to talk about it and maybe it all has to do with the alcohol. Needing to be a but drunk to lower the inhibitions. What do others think of our situation? Is it familiar? I would love some advice.

It’s not too uncommon for women to really enjoy anal stimulation but be afraid to admit or think it’s too gross to take the step to actually do it. Alcohol and other inhibition reducers often help get past this mindset and do what they actually do want and enjoy. Take your time with it, make sure she really enjoys whenever the two of you do get the chance to do anything anal, and she might be willing to try it without alcohol down the road, and work up towards actual anal sex. But if you really want to get there in a mature manner, she needs to be able to discuss it openly with you. If you do try to talk with her about it, make sure she knows you won’t judge her for what she does or doesn’t like, that you want to be honest with each other about what you both like or want to try, and that you’d like to keep experimenting with new things to continue discovering shared sexual interests.

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