Message: Pain When Trying Anal

Anonymous: Hi, I’ve been attempting anal sex for some time now. I’ve finally gotten past the discomfort of actually fitting my partners penis in- but now when we try I feel pain and discomfort in what seems to be my bladder or lower stomach/ abdomen. I think he he is pushing against the wall of my rectum. Is there a way to train my body to be use to this or maybe eventually straighten out, or not?

Experiment with different positions. Some positions are a lot more comfortable than others for anal, and they can differ from person to person because everyone has somewhat different internal anatomy. Try it with you on top—that can help straighten your rectum temporarily.

Keep trying it different ways, go slowly, and stimulate yourself in other ways as you do so to help relax. Try pushing outwards as if going to the bathroom—this can help rearrange things internally to better accommodate the shape of something filling your ass.

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