Message: Anal Lube & Positions

glamdollxMy boyfriend likes anal and I don’t object but I’ve asked him to get lube and he rather use spit. Is there any positions that are more comfortable than others?

Definitely get some real lube. Saliva can work for some people, but it doesn’t lubricate as well as real lube long-term.

Because everyone’s a bit different, different people are going to prefer different positions. I’d suggest just giving a variety all a try and see which ones both of you like best. Cowgirl seems to work well quite often because squatting types of positions tend to straighten the rectum a bit and avoid prodding into anything that might feel uncomfortable, but it’s far from the only position that works.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following response:

pappymcdaddy: I love intellectual posts about seeming brutal and mindless acts. It just shows there is so much more to this all that just what the vanilla public chooses to see.

To which the following rebuttal was given:

What’s brutal or mindless about anal sex? Brutal suggests it’s painful or destructive, which it shouldn’t be if done correctly. And it’s far from mindless—there’s a lot more preparation and training that goes into having a consistently pleasurable anal experience.

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