Message: Girlfriend Loves When I Lick Her Ass, Afraid to do Anal

Anonymous: So my gf loves what I lick her butthole and use my finger but is afraid to try anal sex. Any tips on how I can at least get her to try it?

Get there gradually. It’s a big jump to go from a finger to a penis. Work with her to increase size gradually over time. Don’t make it about getting to having anal sex as fast as you can just yet, just make it part of anal play and focus it all on her enjoying it and learning to relax and open up comfortably. Try working up to a second finger, then a third. Then get her a butt plug she can wear during sex and masturbation, etc. Continue with gradual toy size increases over time as she gets comfortable with each, and if at some point she feels ready to try having anal sex, then try that.

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