Quote of the Day: Put Her Pleasure First, And She’ll Love Anal

The problem with anal is that guys don’t know how to do it, not that women can’t enjoy it.

Yes, I am sure there are some women that no matter what you do they will never like it, and that’s fine.

But the average woman will go nuts for butt sex once she’s had her first anal orgasm, TRUST!

The key is to put her pleasure before your own. If you introduce anal stimulation during cunnilingus she can see that it adds to the pleasure. Analingus has always been the best way to introduce a backdoor virgin to anal imo.

The tongue is soft, warm, wet and non-threatening. Even a finger can seem scary to some girls. With your tongue on her clit and your finger in her ass you can take her to new levels of orgasm she’s never experienced.

After that, she will be BEGGING to see what an orgasm from a cock in the butt feels like! And even if it is a bit painful (usually at the entry when the head goes in) she will be more willing to try and relax through it knowing that pleasure is to come. But if she has not experience with anal pleasure, she will probably have not reason to persevere IF it’s painful.

But if ur doing your job right, it shouldn’t be.


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