Quote of the Day: How To Get a Woman To Do Anal

Start with oral. Progress to licking her ass, rimming, sticking your tongue into her ass. Fucking her ass with your tongue. Some fingerings with one finger and lots of lube. Then two fingers. Small dildo… and so it goes.

Important: get her always very hot before starting to play with her ass: give her oral, edge her, finger her pussy simultaneously, lube on, don’t make her cum. You want her pussy needy, her clit swollen, begging for your touch. So, you move to her ass, but keep giving attention to her clit, edging, never letting her cum.

Just thinking of it now, I’m soaking wet in my pussy, very excited and willing to give my ass.

If I were a man, I wouldn’t ask for anal. I’d do the gradual building up I’ve described, so, if she didn’t want it, she’d have plenty of time to let me know and stop. Never force. Never. But you can introduce things slowly, in the most pleasant way possible, so that the person has the possibility to feel how good it is, before saying no.

Lots of women say no, because we always expect men to be brutes, and inept in bed. So, they give a preemptive no.


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