Will she tell me she wants anal?

A man is desperate to have anal sex with his wife:

Will women just come out and say what they want? My wife originally was anti-anal, wouldn’t even let me get close. As time has gone on, things have progressed and it was first playing around the outside of her anus, then pinky penetration, then tongue penetration, and now basically the entire finger.

He explains that she already has huge orgasms with this anal stimulation, and he would like to go to the next stage and wants her to want it too. However, he feels hesitant. Should he just go for it or ask her if she wants to take it in the ass, or wait to see if she asks.

I think by this stage, if a women (particularly a long term partner) is reacting so positively to that kind of anal play, she is likely ready to try anal intercourse. Remember she is probably feeling as awkward as he is. This is unfortunately the damage done by people talking about anal sex as if it were dirty or forbidden.

The positive replies from women are encouraging. This is one:

i was never into anal. i down-right refused (just because i was worried about the pain.) and then my bf cuddled up behind me while we were ‘petting’ and starting “nudging” against me, and we got into things and he asked me if i wanted it, and i said yes…. very simple.

You could ask her, bt as you said, you’re not sure how she would react to that. There’s no harm in talking about it, bt by the fact that you say she used to be very anti-anal, suggests the subject has come up before.

It’s lovely that you want it to be something she wants! So during whatever you’re doing in that area (using ur finger or tongue or whatever) ask her what she wants, ask her if she wants something “bigger”…

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