Colon cleansing before anal sex

At a 21 year old woman who is yet to have anal sex for the first time with her boyfriend asks:

would I need some colon cleansing before anal sex or what?

This is somewhat understandable given her inexperience and the part of her anatomy to be penetrated. Indeed, many people who do have regular anal sex do this.

It is worth reading the feedback to her question, but generally cleaning of the rectum or colon is not necessary before sex. With a healthy diet and the basic precaution of having a bowel movement before sex, then the rectum is usually clear of any faecal matter. That is not to say clear of bacteria and so a wash with soap after sex is always to be recommended.

If you do wish to clean internally, such as having an enema beforehand then it is advisable not to do so too frequently. Also, avoid using any soap or chemical products internally.

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