Addicted to Anal Sex

A man at says:

Anal sex has been something that has intrigued me ever since I was a kid (~10 years old). At that age, I would dream and fantasize about ass, caressing it / fondling it. Now, at the age of 21, I’m at the point where I am only sexually satisfied when anal sex is involved. Vaginal sex barely appeals to me.

Basically put:
The majority of woman that allow their partner into their backdoor only do so to please him. Whereas when I have vaginal sex, it’s only to please her – only anal satisfies my sexual desires.

Because of the expectations placed on people by the rest of society, feelings like his are assumed to be wrong and need to be fixed. Even the man quoted here is looking for help so he can “do something about it.”

What is needed instead is more understanding and appreciation of everyone’s differences – we are not all made the same – and less expectation that we must all conform to the current norm.

He simply needs to find the right partner to match his desires, and if this was explained to him and shown it is possible then his confidence and well-being would improve.

What we get is some terrible advice: that he needs therapy; he must have been sexually abused as a child; that not enjoying vaginal sex is weird.

Even his own title (which I have borrowed) implies that his natural desires are somehow unhealthy.

How do we overturn this outdated dogma?

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