Message: Want To Try Anal, But Boyfriend Has Already Done It

sexlovedesiresI need advice. So I’ve been curious about anal (never tried it) but my boyfriend has done it with his past gf & likes it obviously. I want to but I don’t . I feel it wouldn’t be special bc it’s my first and it’s not his. & I don’t know wether or no to try. I feel kinda disappointed. Is it worth it? (Btw I am the his first love as he is mine)

Your partner’s sexual history shouldn’t matter when considering whether it’s special or not. He’s with you now and sharing the experience of anal sex with him can be special regardless of whether it’s his first time or not.

Before you agree to having anal sex with him, try masturbating anally. Use your finger with some lube while rubbing your clit to start. You can also use a small dildo (have a special one just for anal, or use a condom on it if you also use it vaginally) or butt plug. Anal stimulation can feel great in general, but often when starting out is most noticeable during orgasm. It can feel strange when you first do it, but if you try it a few more times it often starts to feel really good (just like vaginal penetration). Don’t do anything that hurts. If it hurts, you’re taking things too fast.

If you like how it feels while masturbating, then consider having anal sex with him. You should be able to comfortably fit a toy the diameter of his penis up your butt before allowing him to have anal sex with you.

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