Message: 4 Days of Anal Only At A Time

jessicarabs2016: We went 4 days for AO. In 12 days I’ll be going over again for another 4 days of AO….when he wasn’t using my ass, he was killing my pussy with fisting me so that we forget and stretch it and make me remember the pain 4-ever. AO for life!!

Congratulations. Are you staying anal only in your solo play between seeing him?

The original poster responded:

Not really as I don’t have anything to do it with…nor has he said he wants me to do anything between…otherwise I totally would.

Does that mean you aren’t masturbating at all between seeing him or masturbating clitorally/vaginally in between and doing anal only when with him? No judgement either way, I’m just curious! Also either way, you might enjoy getting a butt plug to wear when you aren’t together to remind yourself of him and keep your attention focused on your ass.

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