Discussion: How is Anal Sex Pleasurable for Women?

A Quora user asks that question, and receives the following answer:

There are many possible reasons.

Psychological – doing something “unusual”, or that a woman thinks makes her more desirable or sexy. This is a short term and honestly quite fake pleasure.

The anus for many (men and women) is very sensual and produces a great pleasure.

It may provide (with the proper knowledge and mastery on behalf of the partner) access with different quality to various areas of the woman’s erogenous areas, mainly the G-spot (region actually) and glands in the area. Some women would achieve more intense female ejaculation and/or orgasms from anal sex.

It can provide a sense of a much deeper penetration which is pleasurable for many.

Since it is very pleasurable for many men – the woman will sense their elevated sexual energy and respond to it.

The recommendation would be for cautiously trying it, testing it. With communication, sensitivity, care and slowly.

Only if you both find it pleasurable do it. Don’t force it upon yourself for any reason.

Ben Shomer, Quora

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