Anal sex versus vaginal – A mans view

In response to the anonymous follower with the reminder to cover the male point of view on anal sex, here is a good account of how one man feels:

I honestly have never really enjoyed vaginal sex. It usually doesn’t feel all that great for me, most times it is just okay. I don’t have problems finishing like other guys who don’t care for it; I finish every time (yes, in there – she’s on the pill), but it is usually a very weak orgasm that leaves me feeling unsatisfied. Plus, it just seems bland and vanilla to me, whereas anal sex is more of a taboo thrill, feels ten times better, and produces orgasms like I have never experienced before.

No, the fact that the rectum isn’t made for sex makes it feel much better. There is suction, so it’s almost like getting blown at the same time. The anus (if it is tight) also attempts to push the penis out, and the muscle contractions feel incredible. The deep part of the rectum also doesn’t have the uncomfortable ‘ribbed’ (for lack of a better term) texture that I absolutely hate and the opening, in addition to being several times tighter than the vaginal opening, also goes deeper than the vaginal opening. It’s better in every way pretty much.

All guys are different, just like all women are different, but it’s pretty much indisputable that anal sex feels better than vaginal sex for men.

Though only one man’s view, this is likely the feeling of many as it is not uncommon for men to find vaginal sex unsatisfying in the same way as anal.


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