Why am I so orgasmic during anal sex but not other forms of sex?

A normal, healthy 30 year old woman wants to know why she can’t have an orgasm except through anal sex.

She says:

The problem is that I can’t have an orgasm with penetration alone and he or I can stimulate my clitoris until the cows come home and nothing happens or it takes a very very long time. He has a hard time coming if I haven’t come yet. Until anal sex! I’ve had it in past relationships and it was okay, but now when we have anal sex it takes me about 10 seconds to orgasm and I can have multiples. Why is this? I know he prefers vaginal sex but will have anal because it’s so reliable but can get a tad messy. I’ve read a lot to try to have easier orgasms, but anal seems to be what my body wants.

The answer should be reassuring:

You are not the only woman who prefers or is only able to experience orgasm as a result anal stimulation.

Most of the time people need only listen to what their body tells them; their instincts are rarely wrong. This women just needed someone to tell her this is normal, to be given the green light to continue to enjoy anal sex with her lover without any worry on her mind.

Of course we don’t have the full picture, but it is likely that either she assumes he prefers vaginal (because that’s what men are supposed to like) or that he is saying so as a way of supporting her since he sees she is full of doubt and feelings of guilt. He may even be confused as to how he really feels, for it is rare that a man does not take great pleasure making love to his woman in this way.

Let us hope they have agreed on the best possible solution for them, which is probably an anal only lifestyle.

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