Message: Approaching Anal Only With Wife

Anonymous: Hello, here I found so many people like me, I do not know, I thought I was different, I just experiment anal sex once a month, for a week, when my wife is menstruating, are the best days of my life, I wish this for all other days. I’m working on it. My wife asked me, accepting only have anal sex with me, but I will have to allow her to have vaginal sex with whom she wants, I do not know what to do, what do you think? Sorry errors, I’m from Brazil, used Google translator

That’s a tough one, I’m afraid, and a very personal decision you’ll have to make. Perhaps instead of making the ultimatum that you only want anal sex from her, you should approach it more gradually and do everything you can to make anal incredibly enjoyable for her as well, and then slowly try to increase the frequency you have anal. If you’re only having it one week a month currently, see if you can get her to have anal some other times as well—not exclusively at this point, just mixed in. Or you could try to do as some do and start vaginally but end anally. There are a lot of options, and you should discuss them with her to find something mutually satisfying.

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