The Importance of Consent

It’s time we talked again about consent within the anal only lifestyle. Several discussions have come up recently in other parts of the community as it relates to consent, and I also occasionally hear from other people who have either had negative experiences involving lack of consent or have a poor understanding of it.

The anal only lifestyle is, as all sexual activities should be, built on a foundation of consent. While this blog does advocate for widespread adoption of anal only, it’s essential to understand that in no way does it ever advocate forcing that adoption on anyone, and instead opts to encourage people to try it for themselves through discussion of the many advantages, and see on their own whether they find those advantages to be beneficial and worth giving up vaginal sex for pure anal.

However, some people still have a poor understanding of this, and approach it from the perspective of “how can I make my partner go anal only?” or decide to just force it without asking. That’s not okay, and should never be done.

In addition to it being fundamentally wrong to force someone to do something against their will, having a partner who goes anal only because they genuinely enjoy and want that as well is vastly superior to only doing it because it’s what you demand. If anal is essential to your sexual satisfaction, either talk that through openly with your partner and see if it’s something they’re willing to explore together as partners, or find a more compatible partner.

Now, there are those who are anal only as part of a BDSM relationship which may involve consensual non-consent where a person allows their partner to decide what they will be doing sexually, and that is a different scenario entirely, because they have consented to the arrangement.

Make sure everyone’s consenting and on board with everything, and enjoy yourselves. If a partner is unwilling to try, don’t force them. It’s as simple as that.

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