Anal Isn’t Shameful

We’re lucky to live in a time where anal sex is no longer considered to have nearly as much of the stigma that has been associated, and it keeps fading quickly. However, in many circles, people who may be okay with generally talking about sex with friends, family, or even partners, remain hesitant to talk about anal out of fear of being judged for liking or wanting it.

Additionally, some people feel a sense of personal shame when it comes to their enjoyment of and preference for anal sex, whether they’ve been pushed to feel that way by other people or not.

But this is not a good or accurate or rational thing. There is nothing shameful about anal sex. It’s a beautiful, passionate, pleasurable act that should be celebrated proudly, not hidden away or treated as a shameful secret. The more it’s treated negatively, the less people want to try it for themselves, the less people who enjoy it want to do it, and the less enjoyable it can even be for some people because it’s so deeply connected with negative ideas for them that it actually makes it harder to enjoy.

So let’s all do our part to avoid jokes or comments that treat anal sex and its enjoyment in a negative way and focus on putting it in a positive light both for ourselves and others. When people say something negative about anal, chime in with your own positive experiences and maybe you’ll help others start to see a different view too.

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One response to “Anal Isn’t Shameful”

  1. Analien says:

    Indeed. Anal, as a superior and noble form of sex should always be promoted and not slandered or even ridiculed.

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