Message: Anal Only Post-Pregnancy

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I had a baby a year ago, and your post about matures and childbirth got me thinking abt my situation. I’m 27 (not exactly a mature) but childbirth did change things down there. When we began having sex again my husband was only interested in anal sex. (I started having regular anal sex when we got married, it was part of our deal because I didn’t gave him enough anal when we were dating, so I’m pretty used to anal, I don’t mind it) The problem is, it has been a year now. He always has some excuse to not do PIV, he says he prefers Anal so he just makes me cum with his hands so he can get to the butt fucking. 

Do you think it might have something to do with childbirth? Or is he AO curious like myself and decided to be AO? Should I let this continue since I don’t dislike anal? 

Thanks for reaching out! It sounds like it could be a combination of both, potentially.

It’s pretty common for people to be more attracted to anal during and after pregnancy, potentially in part because we instinctively know that anal is a natural form of birth control, and when pregnant, there’s no way to get pregnant again, so the reproductive drive isn’t really there and anal has more of a draw instead.

But he probably also is interested in anal only, like yourself, and has effectively said as much when he told you he prefers anal.

You should both talk about it—non-confrontationally—and decide together whether you want to commit to anal only going forward as a conscious and mutual decision. Obviously, I’d encourage you to stick with it, but ultimately it’s up to the both of you!

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