Message: Vaginal Tightness and Anal Only

This message was originally posted to the Anal Only Bdsmlr blog, and is being cross-posted here.

Anonymous: What if you have to go anal only ’cause your pussy can’t get tight any more?

That’s a perfectly legitimate reason to go anal only as well, and one of many reasons that people do it. If you or your partner are unable to enjoy vaginal sex, switching to anal only makes a lot of sense and can provide a sexual outlet that’s equal to or better than vaginal and can restore confidence and sexuality.

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  1. This is actually one of the most cited reasons men give for wanting anal sex. After a woman has been sexually active and/or given birth, the vagina often lacks the tightness it once had, even if the woman practices Kegels. The thick muscle bands that make up the anal sphincter are stronger and tighter than those of the vagina. Of course, barring rupture of the perineum, the anus is unaffected by childbirth. This means that, while the vagina tends to become more slack over time, the anus remains tight for a lifetime.

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