Message: How to Find an Anal Only Girl?

Anonymous: So i am a guy. I have always been obsessed with anal sex since i was a toddler. It sounds weird but i can recall fantasies ive had since i was 3/4. But when I would always fantasize about sex, and when ever i thought about girls it would always be about the butt. I never knew what a vagina was until i was in the 5th grade. Yeah I know. I dont like penis, and vagina is nice, but i really really really have a insane obsession with a womans ass hole. I dont know why but a womans butt gets me going. Like somethings its so much if I havent jacked off I feel like breaking things and throwing chairs across the room. I dont know why im doing this but it feels good to let it out here and just say how I feel haha. I have never had anal sex sadly. I have fingered a butt, and eaten it out (i love ass) but never got to stick my penis in. All i want is a anal only type of girl. Any clue on how to find one?

It sounds like you need to find someone to experience anal with first, even if they aren’t anal only. And then once you see what it’s all about and start gaining some experience with it, see about going anal only with someone.

Unless someone already knows what they’re doing and loves anal, it’s unlikely they’ll go anal only with someone who isn’t experienced with it right from the start, but if you can show that you can do anal in a way that’s enjoyable and pleasurable for her too, and demonstrate how much better it is for the both of you, you might get to where a girl would go anal only with you.

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