Reddit: I Want to Go Anal Only

I got my ass fucked for the first time recently and I loved it. The only thing is I can’t help but rub my clit because it feels so good. Then my clit cums and my ass cums and I’m spent. It’s such an intense orgasm I have to call it quits.

I want to try anal only but I’m worried I’m going to have such a hard time ignoring my pussy. My boyfriend loves it when I rub my clit because it makes me squeeze his dick since it feels so good.

My pussy also gets super wet when he’s fucking my ass it just starts throbbing and I can’t ignore it.

I also don’t know about how my boyfriend would feel about going anal only. He loves my pussy and always tells me how incredible it is. Loves how convenient it is where he can just quick fuck me and go on with his day without feeling like he needs to shower. I also feel like I need to shower after anal as opposed to just having a wet pussy for the rest of the day.

Another thing is he has a thick cock and I can already feel my asshole getting stretched and little bit looser after he’s just been pounding away at it recently. My plugs just slide in now and my asshole opens almost immediately when he pushes his cock in.

What should I do

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