Discussion: How do you prepare for frequent random anal sex?

That’s the question a Quora user asks, receiving the following replies:

Me I have regular guys that screw me every week so I know the day and time so I have a chance to prepare and I do a wash it’s not a complete enema I only wash the part I will be using,but more importantly is I stretch my anus twice a day with a graduating size glass plug that opens my anus up to 5 inches wide,this helps a lot when I do a DP and that I do 2times a week.

This is not a practice that should be rushed into if not had experience of it, if I know if I am partaking in in an event with the possibility of anal I want it to be painless and enjoyable, to achieve this I normally wear one of my butt plugs for the majority y the day and lub myself up before hand

Both responses get to the essential point: warm up gradually and stretch your anal muscles with plugs and other toys before having sex, keeping them relaxed and ready, and you’ll be prepared for frequent anal at any time. Additionally, the more frequently you have anal sex, the easier it gets to do regularly.

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