Moving My Chastity Up

justfor-daddy: So all my materials and everything came in today so daddy and I are moving my chastity up to tonight.

I figured the sooner the better even if it does cut another day out of my time left with my pussy. I’m ready to begin the process and waiting kills me!

I’m definitely going to make my pussy look perfect before we start tonight so I’ll take some pics and gifs. We’re scheduled at 9pm my time tonight so I have five hours, more like 3 once I get home from work. Talk about a weird day…thinking you have another 24 hours but then deciding to go into chastity a few hours after you get home?

But like I’ve said, I’m ready. I wouldn’t be anymore ready tomorrow. Part of me is scared of course, it’s a big change, but I am so ready to grow closer with daddy.

I just know I’ll feel a sense of loss once I start edging for daddy before chastity. It’s going to hit it’s the last time I’m going to play with my pussy without being locked up. On special occasions daddy may allow me to play with it again, but it will be for his pleasure of course and not mine. So tonight will be the last time I play with my pussy and cum.

I’m going to try to think moreso that daddy has let me play with my pussy the past few days, is letting me cum tonight, and I’ll be able to edge for him in the future. Not that I’m losing access to my pussy, or I’ll never feel a vaginal or clitoral orgasm again. I’m honestly a really lucky buttslut. Anal is still something I can enjoy and play with even if my training is mandatory, it’s still pleasure I can seek out on my own. Well, for now.

I was thinking on Monday I would rather just be locked up right then and there instead of having to wait, but damn, I’m glad I had some time with my pussy, just me touching it and cumming, not edging for daddy or anything. I would be lying if I said I’m not nervous about tonight. If I’m not going to have second thoughts as I lay with my legs spread, ready to climax for my final orgasm. But I’m going to have some really good memories, knowing that I had some of the strongest orgasms of my life the past couple of days. I’m moving on to a new chapter in my sex life.

I’ll post some pics of me testing the lighting in my room and some more rambles before my night begins I’m sure.

I might have to reread this entry before I enter chastity…right now I feel really confident and happy about it. But I’m sure right before 9 I’m going to be nervous as hell.

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