Anal Only For More Than A Year, But Husband Wants To Go Back

whorewife1286: So a brief thought. I’ve been anal only for more than a year now for various reasons. Hubby says he wants to start using my cunt again and I’m kind of sad about it

You should have a talk with him about it and tell him how much you’ve loved being anal only with him and that you’d prefer to stay that way. If nothing else, maybe you can come to more of a mutually appealing compromise.

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alwaysanalblog: I’d say let him use your cunt again, and I believe very quickly he will start to see sense. People often crave what they cannot have and in his case it has probably built up into an unhealthy obsession, where his imagination has overplayed how much he used to enjoy vaginal sex. A dose of reality should cure him of this self deception.

itwasapleasuretoyearn: Anal only is the best way to go. I hope you (or someone else) talks some sense into him!

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