Looking Back, I Always Loved Anal

theonewhoknocks6969: You mentioned before how you were fortunate enough to have a partner who was willing to go slow while you were introduced to anal. How long did you work at it before your realized you enjoyed it?

ilikeitintheass: Looking back, even at the beginning, I always loved anal. It intrigued me for years, watching it in porn and fingering myself. Other than some uncomfortable pain in the beginning when I first started having anal sex, It’s been enjoyable since day 1. In my case, I was always into it, and I like some pain in general, so I was willing to experiment and push through those initial anal sessions. I didn’t have it often early on, so every time was a bit rough at first. It was only when it became a staple in the bedroom that I realized the true potential of anal. The more you have it the better it feels

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