Message: Happy and Gaping

Anonymous: My boyfriend pounded the life out of my ass last night. I’m just happy and gaping today.

Congratulations! Keep that gape going with plugs and as much anal as you can get.

The original poster responded:

Anonymous: Oooo we do have as much anal as possible. Sometimes I just lay around naked waiting for him to fuck my butt.

Excellent. And are the two of you anal only yet, or just anal mostly?

And a final follow-up:

Anonymous: We’re anal mostly, but for him. I personally get get very little enjoyment out of vaginal sex, he likes my pussy tho, so sometimes I let him fuck it but it’s usually anal cuz we both prefer it.

Have you told him that you just don’t enjoy vaginal at all, and asked him if he’d be okay with going anal only? Or has he explicitly expressed that he wants to continue having vaginal? You can always try asking for a several month trial of anal only as a fun challenge to have together and see if he’d be into at least trying. You could also try offering something else he wants to do if he’ll go anal only with you.

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