Anal Only As Birth Control

melissasdirtypanties: Recently I have found myself contemplating and even fantasizing about going anal and oral only. No more penis in vagina. I have been on the pill for a long time but I have decided to stop taking it because of the negative side effects I was experiencing from the hormones. I really don’t want an IUD. I tried a copper one a few years back but I hated it and had to have it removed. That leaves me with more hormonal methods like the injection or the implant (not an option), or condoms. Apart from feeling terrible for both of us, condoms always make my vagina sore afterwards in a way that unprotected sex just never has, even using lube. Sucking a cock or eating a pussy after a condom has been worn tastes nasty. Then there are my worries over the use of parabens and other potentially harmful chemicals in condoms. Parabens have been banned from use in the European Union, yet they are still legal here in the United States, and they don’t have to be listed on packaging when used. Glycerin is used as a water-based lube on most condoms, it transforms into sugars inside your pussy and can give you a nasty yeast infection.

Then my partner mischievously suggested this: “Perhaps we could just go anal and oral only? That sounds like a good way of birth control. I can still eat your pussy and finger you, but put my cock and all my cum just in your mouth and butthole. Deal?”. The more I think about his idea, his proposal, the more it seems like a fantastic plan. I don’t want to be on any birth control anymore. It is the only fool proof way of contraception left to us (beyond a vasectomy and he is not ready yet; and I totally understand and respect that). If I don’t get semen in my pussy then it is all good, no babies. I have tentatively and excitedly accepted. It is all natural, no synthetic hormones, no painful foreign objects, no potentially negative side effects from contraceptives to spoil all our fun. All I need to do is accept that I won’t feel his majestic cock inside my pussy anymore. No semen means no cock. I will however, feel it stretch out my butthole and fill my throat. The more I think about him using my ass and throat like they were my cunt, the more turned on I get. I’m wet just writing this. I’m also imagining using my dildo to fill my pussy and then Sir fucking my asshole at the same time, double penetration. I’m practicing stretching out my butthole with a plug as I type this. This is going to be a fun experiment.

Bisous ???


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