GUYS: Would you date an anal-only girlfriend?

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A woman suffering from vaginismus, a medical condition which makes vaginal sex painful for her, wonders about what guys think about this and whether it would prevent them from being interested in dating her if they could only do anal and not vaginal.

I have a condition called vaginismus that basically means having sex in my p-ssy is very painful for me. Penises, fingers, even tampons – putting anything in there hurts too much. My vagina spasms involuntarily and it gets too painful for me to enjoy it. I’ve seen my doctor about it but so far none of the treatments have helped much.

With my ex, I would instead do BJs and let him do me anal while playing with my clit. He liked it, but I’m worried that other guys won’t be the same. What do you think? Could you date a girl who wouldn’t let you in the front door?

She gets plenty of reassurance that this wouldn’t be a problem for most men, that relationships are about far more than purely sex, that they would do whatever she needed to best enjoy herself sexually, and that in fact many men greatly prefer anal sex themselves and consider an anal only partner to be a dream girl and they wish more girls would go anal only like her. This response fairly well sums things up:

Most guys would do anything to have an anal only girlfriend. I can’t imagine it being a problem for very many men at all.

In recent years it has become more acceptable to admit a love of or preference for anal sex, and the truth is that the anus gives much more pleasure to a guy than a vagina. The vagina is, therefore, very much over-rated.

So, to be in an anal-only relationship is a wonderful and fulfilling experience – very intimate, very satisfying. Such relationships are usually strong and trusting, forming a close bond. So it is a win-win.

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