Message: Anal Only to Preserve Virginity

Anonymous: Hey, can I ask something? What would guys think about an anal-only type of girl? (One that can’t have vaginal sex because she’s waiting). Would they freak out? Would they not mind? Answer this, this is very important. Thanks!

Just as different women have wildly differing opinions about sex, so do men. Some men would want vaginal sex more and some would want both, while others would think they were the luckiest guy in the world if they met a girl who was anal only. It’s going to depend on each specific guy and his own preferences.

The best you can do is explain that you only want to have anal sex and remain a vaginal virgin and hope he is understanding and supportive.

However, it sounds like you don’t want to remain anal only indefinitely—only until you meet the right person or get married. That’s not really consistent with the anal only lifestyle, as you’re still prioritizing your vagina long-term and only going anal only in the short-term to “preserve” it until later. My advice would instead be to only do vaginal if and when you plan to have children, and stick with anal otherwise.

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