Message: Anal Only Encouragement

Anonymous: I’m being anal trained and I look at your blog every day for inspiration. I can’t wait to be like the girls on here with a big cock stuffed all the way up my bum! So far we’ve only got the head in, but I’m determined to take the whole thing soon. Encourage me?

Congratulations on deciding to take the step to be anally trained! For a lot of people, that can be the hardest part—wanting to and having the courage to start trying. The fact that you do want it and are excited to get there is a big positive, and as long as you stick with it you will get there.

Keep training, gradually increasing the thickness and depth you can comfortably fit, don’t push too far to the point that it’s actively painful, and just as importantly, make sure you always have a good time with it. Everybody’s different, and it’ll take as long as it takes, but if you’re enjoying the process it’ll seem to go by in no time before you’re ready to get fucked up the ass.

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