Article of the Day: What Happens When You Try Anal — And Hate It?

This article is a perfect example of how so many guys who have no idea how to properly introduce a woman to anal play and sex end up ruining the pleasures of anal for those women.

When he pushed inside me, my head came up, his name crying from my lips, the invasive press inside sending a red hot flash of pain, worse then I had anticipated, the hiss of his breath and the touch of his fingers across my clit the only things keeping me from squirming.

“Just a few minutes,” the need in his voice kept me in place, the cool squirt of what-must-be lube hitting the place where we met. The pain lessened, a little, his pull out slightly smoother than his entrance.

He developed a rhythm, in and out, in and out, I bit my lower lip and gritted against the pain, the gentle rub of his fingers against my clit causing the whole thing to be almost pleasurable.

Then — a painful minute later — the moment that caused countless arguments.

A slow building, a radiating heat from my ass, the rough slide of him in and out growing, an orgasm coming — stronger and better than any I’d ever — I clenched around him, despite the pain, the groan from his lips pushing me further up that hill.

“Oh God, Chloe. Your ass is so hot —”

If he finished that sentence, I didn’t hear it. My scream, a pent-up release exploding out of me, my entire body seizing as he thrust in, his hand suddenly hard on my clit as he gripped with his hands, held onto my body as I bucked underneath him, the wild orgasm pounded through me as he stopped being cautious and fucked me through it, his moan lost in my scream.

When the explosion stopped, I wanted him out. Immediately. My body went limp, his pull-out wet and sticky, his own orgasm coming somewhere during the stretch of mine, my ass sore and raw, my desire to shower competing with the exhausted refusal of my body.

I swore, despite the orgasm, to never do it again. The pain hadn’t been worth the orgasm, no matter how strong it had been. I never wanted to go through that a second time.

Anal penetration is clearly something she is capable of enjoying and orgasming from, but because her boyfriend just shoved his penis inside without proper preparation and warmup, it was a painful experience that she hated. And that’s a shame. Anal has the potential to be a lot of fun for both partners. Men and women both need to stop treating it like it’s something special for men that women have to suffer through and start treating it like the mutually enjoyable sex act it can and should be.

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