Message: Best Orgasm From Anal, But After She Cums It Hurts Her

Anonymous: So me and my girlfriend have been doing a lot of anal lately, she says that anal gives her more intense and powerful orgasms than in her pussy… The only issue is she tells me that after she ha/ the orgasm my dick starts to put her in extreme pain and makes me stop anal and go back in her pussy… Any ideas on why this is and how to stop that from happening?

It may be that she isn’t actually warmed up enough for anal and it’s causing her pain but when she’s aroused and stimulating her clit she’s interpreting that pain as pleasure, then when her arousal drops post-orgasm, she feels it as pain again. That can definitely happen. Is she sore and in pain after, or is she fine once you’re back out of her ass? How does she describe the pain? Stinging, like a cut? Burning, like a sore/strained muscle? Or something else? Do you engage in any pre-anal warmup/foreplay? Anal fingering, butt plug wear, etc.?

The original poster responded:

Yes we do anal fingering (usually two or three fingers) and she describes the pain like a sore muscle and once I’m out and back in her pussy she says the pain goes away

Have you tried taking it out briefly when it starts to hurt, wait for the pain to fade, and then putting it back in? Or does she stay sore and sensitive anally after? It may be that the orgasm gives her almost a muscle spasm anally which can hurt, and she just needs a moment without it after.

Unless you clean between or change condoms, going from ass to pussy is not really a good idea, it can lead to a urinary tract infection.

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