Preparing For Anal With A Big Partner

Anonymous: Hi! Love your blog and learning every day. Sorry if it’s too personal but can I ask how big your master is ? My partner is a bit too hanged and anal sex had been a challenge. Any advises?

submrs: My husband is plenty big. It takes work.

I’ve always enjoyed ass play but it certainly didn’t start out as his pounding me from behind. A tongue here, a finger there was all I ever liked for a long time. His cock fucking hurt. I remember the first buttplug I bought – it went into my ass precisely once because it hurt too much. Whenever Sir would play with my ass, my pussy would get so wet. Him sliding one single finger in and holding it there while going down on me made me explode with the best orgasms on earth. It made me WANT to train my ass. And in my opinion, training your ass is the only way to go.

Buy buttplugs in multiple sizes. Use them. Purchase high quality lube. Use it. Be extremely relaxed and open to trying new positions. I actually find that me riding him (him flat on his back, me sitting on his cock) is a much easier way to take him initially because I control the depth and speed. Once my asshole opens up, he can toss me around and get it in however he likes. Foreplay foreplay foreplay. Take it slow and communicate.

And maybe it will never happen for you two – I haven’t seen his cock or your asshole so I dunno. I’m just here to tell you that even the tiniest pinkie hurts going in if you are not relax and prepared. So do the work if you really want it to be pain-free.

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