Featured Forum Post: Having HARD Anal Sex?

In a recent post on the Anal Only Lifestyle forum, a user asked:

Porn almost always depicts Anal being done in an very rough manner, which never ceases to amaze me as I’ve never met a girl who could take it so hard and fast!

Is this just another porn fantasy, or does it really happen in the real world?

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My girlfriend and I have anal sex on the regular. We totally skip vaginal. My girlfriend doesn’t miss it at all. We always start out with lots of ass play. I usually eat her ass for 10 minutes then stretch it open with my fingers and medium sized butt plug. When she’s nice and loose she pushes the plug out and Immediately insert my cock into her pre-stretched asshole. We always start anal missionary. After she cums in 2 minutes I can then begin to absolutely pound away at her ass. I can pull out and reveal a beautiful gape at which she pulls her asshole open for me. I can then pretty !much come and go as I please in her ass in every which way. I can fuck her ass hardest reverse cowgirl. She screams in pleasure as I thrust ever so roughly into her ass.

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