Quote of the Day: My O Is So Strong When He Does Me From Behind

I think every time I experience anal sex is better than the previous time. Feeling the head pop through my ring and then the slow push of it inside gets me so hot every time. My lover knows just how slow I need it at first. Then knows just when it’s best to speed it up. My O is so strong when he does me from behind.

And a response in the comments:

My wife agrees with you! She said she [rarely] has a vaginal g spot orgasm but anally she has it everytime. She says occassionally she can have simultaneous g spot and [clitoral] orgasms that are huge which always causes her to squirt during orgasm but it only happens during doggie style anal penetration when my balls are slapping her clit. When that happens she screams and clamps hard on me for at least a minute before flooding me and collapsing on the bed. My wife said it is the most intense orgasm she has.


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