Message: At The Anal Tipping Point?

Anonymous: I would like to add to what was said about porn and the shift towards anal in the other post. I think we are already at tipping point. Can’t remember the last time I ever watched a good vaginal scene or even saw one through. That’s true like you were saying for personal sexual practices. Last few women I’ve been with didn’t think it unusual when I asked if we could do anal. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think so. This is not like the old days, people know anal is better than vaginal.

For me and other lovers of anal it’s largely the same, I think. Vaginal scenes, when encountered, just get skipped past until the next anal scene. There’s nothing in them to interest me. Even double penetration involving the vagina is of less interest to me than single or double anal.

You might be right about being at the tipping point already. It’s not uncommon for me these days to be watching a porn movie and simply not encounter any vaginal at all. And it’s glorious to see all these women going straight to anal sex and loving it.

It’s likely that many women who love or even prefer anal but still have vaginal do it out of some feeling of obligation, either because they think that it’s just something women are suppose to do therefore they keep doing it, or because they think men will want them to keep having vaginal sex along with anal. If everyone was open and honest and followed their own desires rather than societal norms, I think a lot of people would be having a lot more anal sex.

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