Message: Anal More Suitable to Rough Sex?

Anonymous: Hi there, I hear that because of the shape of the anal passage, it means it can take rougher sex than through the vagina. Is this true? Is this why, in porn, it seems that the anal sex scenes are harder and faster than vaginal ones? I thought anal sex would naturally be more painful, and sex would have to be more gentle. But it seems I have it the wrong way round?

Many women find it incredibly painful for a penis to hit their cervix during sex, so it may be difficult for them to handle rough vaginal sex especially with penises on the longer end of the spectrum.

There is a bend at the end of the rectum which can also be painful when hit, but it’s usually deeper and so it is possible some women could handle being fucked harder anally than vaginally. (But they need to be well acquainted with the practice of relaxing their anus before doing so, generally.)

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