When Can You Call Yourself Anal Only?

There are a lot of people exploring the anal only lifestyle these days in various capacities, and a question which comes up often is what people at different stages of the transition to anal only can or should call themselves, and when they can say that they’re anal only.

There’s a lot of personal variation

The fundamental component of the anal only lifestyle is not having vaginal sex and doing anal instead. If you do that, you’re anal only. Beyond that, it comes down to personal preference and what works best for you.

Some people choose to exclude all vaginal penetration, including toys and fingering, while others are okay with that so long as it’s not vaginal intercourse. Some people choose to exclude external stimulation including clit rubbing and cunnilingus, while others want or need that in combination with anal. Some people will only orgasm from anal, while others are happy to orgasm any way so long as it doesn’t involve vaginal sex.

Do what works best for you. If you are doing anal instead of vaginal every time, you’re anal only.

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