You Do You, or, Don’t Criticize Others

Anonymous: You keep saying AO is not a forever thing for you, but you’re doing it. I just feel like you’re not respecting the lifestyle. I’ve been AO for 2 years and I will never go back. You’re not committed to the lifestyle if you keep saying you’re only doing it for a short while..

ilikeitintheass: Ok. First of all, congratulations on being AO for 2 years. Good for you. Honestly I think that’s a huge achievement and I can’t imagine doing this for 2 years.

Second of all, I think that being anal only is a hugely personal thing. It takes its toll on any person and surely, everyone that chooses it has their own reasons, limitations, ideas, expectations, etc.

I’ve always said, from the beginning that I don’t know if I can keep doing it. I love anal. I love getting my ass fucked. I love stuffing it with things. I also love my clit and my pussy and having orgasms using my clit and my pussy. I miss it sometimes. One day I’m gonna have sex with two men and get both my pussy and ass fucked at the same time. One day soon based on some recent conversations with friends in fact.

So I don’t appreciate being told that I’m not respecting the lifestyle. Everyone has their own way of doing it. I think I’ve done quite well with it. I choose to keep doing it every day. I will continue to choose it until I don’t want to choose it anymore. Am not gonna lie or pretend otherwise.

And I’d hardly call nearly 7 months of being Anal Only a short while.

While I didn’t coin the term anal only or start the first discussion of the concept online, I did create the first AO Tumblr blog, coined the term “anal only lifestyle”, and created and grew the associated communities. So I think I have a pretty good say as to what anal only and the anal only lifestyle means.

And I say that it’s a highly personal definition each person gets to apply to themselves however it fits for them. For some people, anal only is something to try for a few weeks or months at a time and nothing more. For others, it’s a lifetime commitment. And an entire spectrum in between. Some who start in the first category may gradually shift towards wanting it more permanently over time, while others who start out wanting it permanently may later change and move away from it. People change.

Everyone is welcome in the anal only community, and I really dislike seeing someone who identifies as AO attacking someone else for “not being AO enough”. It’s fantastic that the anon loves AO enough they’re committed to being that way permanently, but that’s a personal choice, and you can’t force that on other people or disparage them for not making that same commitment.

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