Reddit: Hard Anal Fantasies

Anal gets me very lustful, and hiding it makes me feel even hotter. I only talk about them online.

I like the idea of being the receiver of free-use anal. Available to anyone who just walks up and wants some, no refusal. Men approach me, play with my tits then take me somewhere private. No prepping, I just pull my skirt up and feel my asshole stretch and grip around an eager cock. All that moaning and noise just attracts more men to the scene, who then want some fun themselves.

I have to imagine being at the center of a hard, raw anal gangbang to get off. Something is just very primal about it. Feeling all those hungry eyes on me as I am displayed in high heels, then all those hands, mouths, and cocks “taking care of” me. Being the center of all that action really strokes the ego. Also, being surrounded by multiple guys would make me feel safe as well, like they’re all doting on me and for my pleasure, and of course I love pleasing multiple guys in return. I like it “hard” as in high energy and a lot of action, not slapping and namecalling (no BDSM please…). Get airtight and have all my holes filled up with cum. Swallow, ass to mouth. Be very receptive and uninhibited.

For something more animalistic, I am fisted anally by a man with many other men watching, then once the hand is pulled out and leaves a gape, everyone can take turns having fun with it.

Sorry if these are a bit gross, I cant even say these to a lover with a straight face. I think we all have something like that though?

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