Sparking an Anal Revolution

In some ways, we’re already in an anal revolution—anal porn is immensely popular; anal sex is far more popular, especially among younger people, than it has been for generations; and rimming and other anal play are practically mainstream at this point. But we still have a long way to go, and the revolution can be far larger.

Being more open about your own love for anal and how good it is for everyone when done right can be a very powerful way to help inspire others to try it as well. Positivity is a powerful thing, and can quickly counter people’s negative impressions of anal, especially when the positivity is coming from a trusted friend while the negativity is more of a vague generalization that surrounds it.

Offer advice to friends who ask, encourage them to try anal the right way, and suggest that friends who already enjoy anal try going anal only for a month or more and help them along the way with that process of giving up vaginal sex.

Together, we can all help make anal not just more popular, but the new normal.

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2 responses to “Sparking an Anal Revolution”

  1. My wife and I just finished our second year of AO …… its been fabulous. He orgasms are ten times stronger. She can have multiple with anal and never did with vaginal. I love it and find the dominating feeling and the eroticness is awesome.

    I agree with ….. Vaginal is for procreation .. anal for recreation.


    • analonlylifestyle says:

      Congratulations to the both of you for two years AO—here’s hoping you never go back to the inferiority of vaginal!

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