Reddit: Projected Market Cap of Anal Only Relationships

From r/analonlylifestyle on Reddit:

Assuming that enough exposure to the wonderful lifestyle was able to be presented to people (along with likely good past experimentations too) how much would you suspect the percentage of A/O relationships would go up to?

Based on how many women in my past were forever changed by their introduction to anal I honestly believe it’s about 25-50%. At least for hetero relationships. I have no numbers from memory to base a guess on for other people.

Anyways, they always seemed to protest the loudest the the idea at first and a few post enlightenment actually thanked me for not giving up (lol that’s not hard) and motivating them to take the whole cock.

It’s not such a huge step after you’re work to the joys of the asshole that A/O is a real consideration. I almost see it as valid as a sexual orientation of its own.

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