Message: It’s A Relief To See Other Women Talk About How Much They Love Anal

Hey, I have visited your blog numerous time & it’s such a relief to see some people, mainly women talk about how much they love anal. I’m a girl that loves anal & does anal only, just because I love it. I find vaginal sex boring every time I watch porn or read fanfics that contains vaginal sex, so I watch anal-related porn & read anal-related (pleasurable) fanfics, probably cuz I have different perference when it comes to sex. Anal sex is my favorite b/c it feels so fucking good, plus it helps me have anal as stress reliever (even though I never have sex before). Thank you for this blog! I appreciate it

Anal only is indeed quite popular with women, and while there are certainly a lot of men out there who have a strong desire for an anal only relationship, I almost think that the women who love being anal only might have an even stronger connection and commitment to it. I think it’s great that there are so many out there like yourself who feel so strongly about it. Speaking personally for myself as a man, the anal only lifestyle isn’t about dominance/submission or any sort of control over a partner for me, it’s about mutual respect and love for anal and a desire to share a commitment together to only do anal.

Thanks for the comment.

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