Going to Try Going Anal Only

Anonymous: Since vaginal is so taboo to you, are considering going anal-only?

analarousal: I’ve been considering going anal only lately. I think I’m going to try it out for a set period of time to see if it’s for me. I am at anal only masturbation though and have been for a while.

I definitely recommend going anal only (not that that’s any surprise). What duration are you thinking of to try initially? If you feel the need to ease into it, I’d suggest a week to start, but given that you already love anal, a nice anal only month to begin would probably work out well. That’s been a good period of time for a lot of people to realize that they want to stay anal only.

analarousal: I was thinking a few weeks and if I feel like it’s going well I’ll push myself and double the time and see how it goes. I’ve been very curious about anal only because I’m just so obsessed with it and when I masturbate I’m anal only. I just have a difficult time finding a sexual partner who is as into anal as I am.

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