Message: Approaching Anal Sex

Anonymous: Recently I’ve introduced my fiancé to anal play, she likes me fingering her ass when I fuck her, and last night i ate her ass which she liked a lot, I have a huge anal fetish, how should I go about asking her to let me fuck her ass? Also which do you think is better, sticking my tongue in or just licking around her asshole?

Keep up the anal play, explore together what she enjoys best, and try gradually working towards more fingers, and maybe a toy like a butt plug to keep her getting used to slightly larger things. But most of all, talk with her about it. Be open that you’d like to try anal sex with her, but only when she’s ready, and that you’d like to work with her to get her to the point that she will enjoy it just as much as you, and that you won’t push her to do it until she can comfortably experience it. For the actual techniques of anal training to prepare for intercourse, there are lots of articles online, as well as many posts here under the #anal-advice tag. Both of you should read up on it.

There is no “better” for rimming, try both and see which she enjoys more, or do both if she likes them both. Everyone has different preferences, and you’ve just got to explore things together to figure out what those preferences are.

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