Anal Sex is Most Popular With Gen Z

In an excerpt from an article on sexual trends, it appears that Gen Z is far more enthusiastic about anal sex than previous generations, showing that the trend of anal normalization is continuing:

But when it comes to type of sex, Gen Z is outdoing every other generation with anal sex: 37 percent of respondents, overall, report having anal sex once per week or more, whereas over half of Gen Z respondents (55 percent) report having anal sex once per week or more. In fact, according to the survey 52 percent of baby boomers have never had anal sex whereas only 19 percent of Gen X respondents and 20 percent of millennials have never had anal sex.

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One response to “Anal Sex is Most Popular With Gen Z”

  1. Eirini says:

    The future is 100% anal only, pussy is obsolete! Anal only it should be taught at very early ages before masturbation began, so anal masturbation to start first.

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