Featured Forum Post: The “New Guy”

User prettypink on the Anal Only Lifestyle posts an update to her anal only relationship after over a year:

The “new guy” (hereafter referred to as NG) has moved in and is now a permanent fixture. We’re both still committed to the anal only relationship, which has worked for us both so far. Most abstinence is hard going: Think foods you like. Well it’s not like that. I don’t feel like I’ve given up anything. Nor does NG, and I’ve made it quite clear to him that at any time he may resume vaginal sex should he wish. However, for the moment he remains as passionate as ever about my rear end.

This is a perfect example for those who cannot understand why someone would want to deny themselves vaginal sex—to people who really prefer anal and want anal only, it’s not a denial, it’s sex finally being what it’s supposed to be for them.

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