This Year Was a Game-Changer for Anal Sex — Even for the People Who Weren’t Having It

People have been having anal sex since the beginning of time (or at least since ancient Rome), but 2014 is the year we finally started talking about it — and it’s really important that we did.

We may say it’s enough to just let everyone do whatever they want in their own bedrooms. But silence can breed ignorance, and ignorance makes it much easier for completely normal sexual preferences or desires to become stigmatized. In turn, the people who engage in them become marginalized. Open discourse has the power to change that.

Despite 2008 data that found that 36% of women and 44% of men ages 25–44 had tried anal with an opposite sex partner (not to mention those with same sex partners), the taboo seems to have only started thawing this year. The first sign of this trend was in the media, with the emergence of such pieces as theDaily Dot’s “The 5 Most Ridiculous Myths About Anal Sex” and New York Magazine’s evocatively titled piece, “Warning: A Column on Butt Play.” 

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