The Origins of Anal Stigma

This was originally a reblog of a post containing a gif that no longer exists with a fictional scenario captioned below. The original post from Tumblr no longer exists, but the caption and response below remain valid. 

analsexonly: She was raised by ignorant parents who taught her that her asshole was a dirty and disgusting place that shouldn’t be touched or explored and that anal sex was terrible and painful and something no normal person would want. Ironically, that made her rebel and try it anyway, and that’s how she learned that she really preferred it to having her pussy fucked.

girlslikedeepanaltoo: Usually it’s not really parents that give this stigma. It’s our society as a whole. It’s guys just trying to stick it in us when we’re younger, the lack of preparing, the fact that it’s dirty or taboo. It’s other girls telling us we’re a whore for wanting it in our ass. It’s this idea that a girl is a whore if she wants sex AT ALL or in anything that isn’t straight up vanilla missionary for the purposes of childbearing.

Which is a bullshit double standard. We might not have a prostate, but anal is still fucking awesome.

This is one whore that says bend me over and just like this and slide your cock right up my ass. Please and thank you.

I’ll get off my soapbox now.

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