Tumblr blocking public access to adult-oriented blogs

According to an announcement sent out today, Tumblr will be blocking public access for non-logged in users to all adult-oriented blogs on July 5. This means that if you are not a logged-in Tumblr user, you will no longer be able to access this blog, and presumably it will disappear in Google search results as well, meaning people will no longer be able to search for “anal only” and have it come up. Unfortunately, this has been a way that many anal only individuals have been able to find this community and discover that they aren’t alone and there are many others of us out there as well. A significant amount of my traffic is via Google—over 3,000 people per day find this blog by searching for related topics. That will disappear overnight if non-Tumblr users are blocked from viewing the blog, as presumably that will also exclude search crawlers from properly indexing it anymore.

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